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Bra shop owner snaps at apostrophe correction note

A sign was seen in the window of “Perfect Fit”, a bra shop in Keynsham, Bristol. It said:

“Perfect Fit Celebrate’s
20 years of supporting women.
Thank you to our customers for supporting Perfect Fit”

I even e-mailed a photo of the offending sign to the shop. The owner printed out my e-mail, and stuck it in the shop window, along with their own comments (attached) said I was sad, and had nothing better to do than correct other peoples grammer [sic].

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(Thanks, Simon Guppy!)

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Grant says:

Salve Games :
Other peoples grammer? Man, Iā€™d be MORE careful after being corrected.

Don’t you mean ‘Other people’s grammar’?

Jennifer Estabrooks says:

Grant, I believe Salve was quoting from the shop owner’s apostrophe abusing note. šŸ™‚

Salve Games says:

Other peoples grammer? Man, I’d be MORE careful after being corrected.

Fran says:

Simon. Legend. Enough said!

Stu says:

I emailed the company to chide them lightly for their continuing grammar and spelling issues, even when trying to show up Simon. Streisand effect.

Laura says:

Why are people so defensive about their inability to master English? Why don’t they care that they look ignorant? And what’s with the “get a life”? How I hate that expression. It’s what people say when they know they’ve been caught and rather than thanking the person who might save them from looking like an idiot, instead attack.

Pandora says:

So, after using the apostrophe in a word in which it is clearly unnecessary, I see they’ve failed to use it in a word that does require it! But even that pales into insignificance against grammer [sic]. Eugh!

Simon, you should email them back correcting their new errors! šŸ˜‰ I’d pay good money to see their next response!

Epic post šŸ˜€

Geoffrey says:

How dare you try to correct other peoples grammer! (It was so hard for my fingers to type that.)

Too funny. Nice work.

Lois McNulty says:

Or she could have written:
Thank you, kind Sir, for helping me to learn a few simple rules of grammar and spelling, so that I might, in the future, not appear to the world to be a DUMB-ASS.

Toria Burrell says:

Not at all sad! You are just conscientious in your devotion to the English language, and I commend you! I’d have done the same!

marylouisebrown says:

LOVE IT!! Go, Simon, you are a star! (or should I say “your a *”?)