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Resturarant menu

I’ve deleted part of the name of the restaurant but check out these headings! See also spelling of ‘complimentary’ and ‘risotto’.

ouch2.png (295 KB)

(Thanks, rafstr!)

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Will says:

I don’t see how this is real. The image shows the correction marks of an editing program like Word. Maybe the submitter is an editor and got the raw file, but this certainly was not a menu found in an actual restaurant. If it’s a restaurant whose menu is downloadable as a Word doc file, that is even more frightening!

Carly says:

It is also a graphic designer’s worst nightmare. *gag*

WhitneyD says:

I’m not sure what’s worse- the grammar errors or the Comic Sans & WordArt abuse.

Dave says:

“Sunday” needs a capital… :^)

D. says:

There is no way I could ever ever eat here.

Heather says:

I like the “Food for Thought” on the menu. It made me laugh when I saw all the misused apostrophe.

Katie says:

So I’m thinking, “What’s the problem with ‘complimentary’? They used the right one!” Then I see the missing ‘a’. Ah, so close, silly restaurant.