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Moo’s, Baa’s, Ooh’s and aagghhs!

Printed in the Weekly Times on a front page of a liftout for the Royal Melbourne Show. Why isn’t it aaggh’s?

moo's.PNG (186 KB)

(Thanks, Raff!)

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David Heslin says:

Mein gott! I totally saw this one last year, too. Unbelievable.

On another note, I can’t help but wonder if ‘aagghh’ is really even correct in the first place. Convention, I’ve observed, tends to dictate that ‘ah’, ‘ahh’ or ‘ahhh’ refers to relaxation (e.g. um… “ooh ah”), while ‘argh’ is what Charlie Brown says when Lucy pulls the football out from underneath him. So what’s ‘aaggh’, exactly? The sound Charlie Brown makes after his head hits the soft grass and he doesn’t get up for a while?

Dave says:

…oh, because *that* would break the cursive flow in the scripty font they used for “Aagghhs”. It all makes sense really… :^/