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No Small Apostrophe Abuse!

Taken at the Niagara Power Vista museum sponsored by the New York State Power Authority. This was just one of many grammatical errors spotted throughout the museum. The close closed captioning for the history movie was especially amusing.

DSC_0284.jpg (116 KB)

(Thanks, Jennifer Estabrooks!)

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Mark Moore says:

Well, in Matt’s defense, the punctuation-inside-the-quotes “rule” is one that makes me cringe whenever I see it in use, so I place the punctuation outside the quotes. It makes logical sense. You aren’t quoting the punctuation mark.

Jennifer Estabrooks says:

Ha! In my zeal to submit my first-ever apostrophe abuse photo, I neglected to proofread my own submission. I have been properly humbled. Thanks, Matt. But if YOU are going to get picky as well, according to the Chicago Manual of Style the period should be inside the quotation marks, as in “closed captioning.” 🙂

matt says:

If you’re going to get picky, it’s “closed captioning”.