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Pump’s are not taking debit card’s

Don’t let us incovenius you in side.

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(Thanks, Christopher Krisocki!)

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Michael says:

I’m aching from laughing so hard. They should totally fire Inconvenius, whoever that is.

Hope says:

I still can’t get over the “In Side.”

Gloria says:

I just threw up on my mouth a little.

Pip says:

Brilliant and I love the your/you’re , so many folks get that one goofed up!

Jezza says:

LOL! This should be on FailBlog.

They must just think all the squiggly red underlines in Word are false-positives.

AM says:

Let us all show some lenius
Toward the spelling of inconvenius
Because clearly
He is a genius.

Emily says:

No, sir or ma’am. YOU are the genius!

Peter says:

Don’t thing they could load more abuse in there if they tried!

Jase says:

OMG! This one is awesome…. Stop! Stop! It hurts to laugh so hard!

Lois McNulty says:

It’s like poetry!
INCONVENIUS just made my day