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How to not get the vote

“This was mailed to my mom as a political ad.  A man running for governor of WV that misuses apostrophes is not getting our vote!”

(Thanks, Jennifer!)

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  1. Frank H. says

    Not to mention that that’s not a real apostrophe anyway. (A real one would look like the commas, only higher.) And not to mention that there are two spaces between sentences in two places and one space between sentences in another. (If you’re going to be wrong, at least be consistent.)

  2. Jen says

    The other side had grammatical errors. I figured this was enough. ;-)

  3. Peter says

    With a title like this, we can add a new category called “Split Infinitive Abuse.”

  4. Sybil says

    “A man running for governor of WV that misuses apostrophes”…

    that misuses or who misuses ?

  5. Chunky says

    “A man running for governor of WV who misuses apostrophes,” is clearly correct, since it is the man who does it and not the state that does it.

    The problem with being a Grammar Nazi amongst GNs is it is nearly impossible to comment without getting busted.

  6. Florence says

    ‘How to not get the vote’ – apostrophes aside, splitting the infinitive is also a sure way to prove your ignorance of grammar.

  7. John says

    The misuse of it’s for its is the one error I can understand because it is illogical. Its indicates possession to it, yet does not get an ‘s.

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