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Abbreviation of Microbrewskies?

At the Pioneer Restaurant in Springdale, UT.

(Thanks, Dave!)

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John says:

@Sybil microbrews is not possessive in this case because all the listed ales are microbrews. It’s like saying, “Here are the menu items for the day:” followed by a list of meals. “Items” wouldn’t be possessive.

Sybil says:

Oh dear, I don’t get this one. Don’t these ales belong to Microbrew ? Hence wouldn’t Microbrew be possessive ?

BTW I think “Polygamy Porter” is a marvellous name for a brew.

Can you email me to explain.

Sybil in Nova Scotia

James says:

I get the apostrophe joke but “Polygamy Porter” was more intriguing to me. A real claim-to-fame!