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A timeless classic…

from the Bexley Recycling depot, London:

photo-5.jpg (88 KB)

(Thanks, Phil Hall!)

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This is what happens when some genius decides to go against convention and use a “trendy” spelling of all lowercase letters.

So what does the acronym “books” stand for?

KieferSkunk says:

Technically, the apostrophes on “CD’s” and “DVD’s” are acceptable – abbreviations and acronyms that are normally written in all-caps can take apostrophe-S combinations to denote plurals. Supposedly this is to help with any confusion that “DVDs” might cause – some people might take that to mean “DVDS” as a new acronym (“Digital Video Disc System”, etc.) as opposed to the plural of DVD.

It’s made more confusing by the fact that everything here is in lower-case. But that’s likely a stylistic thing, and the sans-apostrophe use would probably be more confusing than if those items were properly capped.