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A timeless classic…

from the Bexley Recycling depot, London:

photo-5.jpg (88 KB)

(Thanks, Phil Hall!)

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  1. KieferSkunk says

    Technically, the apostrophes on “CD’s” and “DVD’s” are acceptable – abbreviations and acronyms that are normally written in all-caps can take apostrophe-S combinations to denote plurals. Supposedly this is to help with any confusion that “DVDs” might cause – some people might take that to mean “DVDS” as a new acronym (“Digital Video Disc System”, etc.) as opposed to the plural of DVD.

    It’s made more confusing by the fact that everything here is in lower-case. But that’s likely a stylistic thing, and the sans-apostrophe use would probably be more confusing than if those items were properly capped.

  2. Shooting Parrots says

    So what does the acronym “books” stand for?

  3. Terribly Write says

    This is what happens when some genius decides to go against convention and use a “trendy” spelling of all lowercase letters.

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