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UK postcode address is only

I wanted to buy something from a store in the UK, and was disappointed to see this on the site. No, wait a minute – I was delighted to see it!

Addresss.jpg (24 KB)

(Thanks, David H!)

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Matt says:

Unfortnately that’s not the only mistake they made.

Cheryl says:

The word address should be plural here. So, addresses is the correct word usage. This is not a possessive. There is some tendency to get confused with the words that end in s too. There is a good episode of Seinfeld on this. Sorry, but I couldn’t underline or italicize the name of the show.

Nicole says:

Nouns ending in s, z, ch, sh, and x call for an “es” in the plural form. This added syllable makes pronunciation easier.

Sinani201 says:

But the word ends with an “s,” so isn’t the apostrophe OK?