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Happy Holidays from The Baskett’s

Seen in the pages of US Weekly — Kendra and Hank’s holiday greeting card.


1292976066_holiday-cards-basketts-468.jpg (64 KB)

(Thanks, Jenn Balderas!)

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John says:

@Faith: you were probably askIng why it was incorrect. The reason it should be Basketts is that it is plural. Their surname is Baskett and a noun; any time a noun is plural, an s is added to the end. Anytime a noun is possessive, an ‘s is added. In this case their name is plural.

Carol says:

@ Faith. There should be no apostrophe. Name should just read “Basketts”.

Carol says:

Going to hell in a hand baskett.

Faith says:

I’m 10 and in a language arts class. Could you tell me what is wrong with this greeting card? Thanks.

Daniel says:

Proof that that family is a Baskett case?