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Calling all unicyclists…

…here’s a place in Auckland, New Zealand, where you can check your tyre’s air pressure and condition. I wonder if I can check all four tyres on my car, too.
(And for our friends across the Pacific, ‘tyre’ is the British spelling of the American ‘tire’.)

Unicyclists.JPG (878 KB)

(Thanks, David!)

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Ike says:

The chalkboard apostrophe abuse is possibly the least awful kind of apostrophe abuse, because anal apostrophe defenders (like me) can just RUB IT OFF immediately!

Anthony says:

It is correct in that each tire has a specific air pressure and condition. Would you prefer an average of the condition of your set? Three tires in good condition and one that is bald and flat means you are 75% good to go!

Jay says:

@Meggles, you are correct. You can only check the pressure of a single tyre/tire. Come back the following day to check the next one.

Meggles says:

Provided that this company only services one “tyre,” wouldn’t this actually be correct?

Craig says:

So near, and yet so far.