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No, you’re wrong

On Cafe Press, sold by The Lower Level

cafe press not right.jpg (30 KB)

(Thanks, Kathy in AZ!)

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  1. Joey says

    GRRRRR! I see this error all the time and I’m so tempted to correct it every time with an explanation. It’s almost as if it’s becoming “acceptable”…NOOO!! Good catch.

  2. Lester Smith says

    That comma splice just adds to the irony.

  3. Emily Cannell says

    This is my all time favorite because of its in your face wrongness

  4. Jezza says

    I agree. I hate this “your” with a PASSION. It is used so often, and usually by the younger generation.

  5. Carol says

    No, I’m write, and YOUR wrong. Bwahaha!

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