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A blast from the past

Can’t blame teh internetz for this one. Found at

Old-Computer-Ads-6.jpg (132 KB)

(Thanks, sinsi!)

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Grant says:

Note to self: check spelling before hitting ‘submit comment’ button.

Grant says:

“The Family Chtistmas Gift That’s Functional, Fun and Educational!”

So it seems that Capitalizing Every Word To Make It Look More Important is nothing new.

Good grief…

sinsi says:

Funny, I didn’t even notice “Radio Shack’s”, my eye was immediately drawn to the ugly one. I think they should get a bonus demerit for capitalising “Very Best” as well.

luckyfriend says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this ad abuses the apostrophe. The computer actually does belong to Radio Shack, so there should be a possessive apostrophe. Right? Just sayin’.

Chris says:

luckyfriend — “Innovation at it’s Very Best”