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Abused in so many ways

Paul abuses apostrophes and much more as he attempts to do it “are self’s” and save money.

Apostrophe Abuse.jpg (116 KB)

(Thanks, Jeffrey!)

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Johanna says:

Oh wow, I hope he doesn’t have to spell with that job he wants.

Kat says:

I think my head is going to explode! Why did he leave out doors????

Jerry says:

The terrible writing is one thing, that I can get past.
What I can not excuse is the abuse of the word “specialize”.
It kills me when people say they specialize in everything possible, if you specialize, then you focus on one thing. A plumber specializes in plumbing, someone who does plumbing AND electrical AND building AND demolition is not a specialist, they are exactly the opposite.
An auto mechanic place near me has a sign that says “We specialize in all foreign and domestic automobiles”. So, which automobiles, exactly, do they NOT work on?

Kyle says:

They also save money by using Wordpad for their advertisements. (Sorry, advertisement’s)