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Who Want’s Jimmy John’s?

Marcy writes: “Does every Jimmy John’s neon say ‘want’s’?”

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marishakl says:

I actually believe this is correct, if one may infer an unwritten word “restaurant” after Jimmy John’s. Is the name of the presumed owner Jimmy John or Jimmy Johns? That would make all the difference.

Matt says:

If you could zoom in on that particular sign, you’d see (if I remember correctly) “We make sandwiches. You eat sandwiches. God bless America.”

me says:

Do all Jimmy John’s have a sign that says “We You God”?

Tuffy says:

I think that’s the font, not an apostrophe. The “s” in wants matches the “s” in John’s aside from the correct apostrophe.

Now the over capitalization…

Chris says:

Tuffy — I think you’re right!

Lucy says:

This ^

It’s not an apostrophe! Take it down!

Simon says:

That’s what I came here to say!

This place does look like somewhere I would try out though, if I lived in the US.

Richard says:

I disagree; if you look at the s in wants and the s in John’s you’ll see that they are different.
For my part, I’ll accept the apostrophe in John’s, as mentioned below.
And I’ll agree with you on the over capitalisation.