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Writer’s & Reader’s Fest!

Richard writes:

Here’s some real exclusivity! A bookstore in Mt. Eden, Auckland, New Zealand is holding a festival for one writer and one reader. I wonder who the lucky pair were.

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Anonymous says:

This is just plain bad marketing. You'd think writers and readers would be smart enough to not abuse apostrophes in this disgraceful way.

bakedpotatoes says:

I'm not surprised that Auckland only has one of each.

Anonymous says:

The second mistake looks like quotation marks. LOL.

Anonymous says:

As a Wellingtonian, this just helps to confirm my belief that Aucklanders aren't a very literary bunch. 🙂

dtw42 says:

As this seems to be chalk on a board, wouldn't it have been REALLY easy to just rub 'em out with your thumb on the way past?

noneemac says:

Who are they? That's obvious: Auckland's writer and Auckland's reader.

Every major city should have one of each.