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Ah, Etsy… Its/It’s, Your/You’re

(Thanks, Jenn!)

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D. says:

Haha, some fine irony there.

Mike says:

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rr says:
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alannah says:

sight cite site (sigh)

Liz says:

According to the seller (and this is what I was assuming):

BTW…Grammar and spelling as intended. Someone emailed me me about the spelling and grammar. Must be a English Teacher. ROFL….See last sentence first paragraph and think about it in context with the sign. 🙂 If you don't get it you never will.

Madison says:

I love the concept of your sight. I hope to visit often. I also hope you'll take a look at mine. It also deal's (just kidding) with stupid people.

eeyore19 says:

That looks like a comma with a knot in the wood above it. It still doesn't belong there, though.

Richard says:

And why the semi-colon? I suggest that no punctuation mark is necessary there.

Geoffrey says:

My stupid??