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Hey, Kindergartener’s! Meet the Teacher’s!

Keri poses a question…

This is the letter I received from a magnet school in our area. Should I send my son there?

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noneemac says:

I love "up time," especially when it's round.

Anonymous says:

Come on, really! Where I come from, a school teaches you to read & write and spell & punctuate. So a school must be able to do the same. No lame excuses. Knowing science does not require you to not know how to write correctly. If putting out written communications on behalf of the school is your job, then taking a minute to check them before they go out is also your job. You can't be too busy doing your job to do your job.

Anonymous says:

yah that's grammatically wrong..
that's already an indication that your son doesn't deserve to be in that school

jdallinder says:

Perhaps this was written by a secretary, but that's no excuse. All written marketing/PR efforts for the school should be proofread. I wouldn't touch this place with a ten-foot pole.

Laura says:

Maybe. As a grammar geek (and blogger at you'd think that I'd be appalled at such mistakes. But mistakes like that happen in communications from schools. It's possible that was written by the school secretary, and although I've known many who possessed excellent writing skills, they are also very busy and work in a stressful environment. It could have been a careless mistake. Also, the school seems to have a science focus, so I wouldn't expect that grammar, spelling, etc. would be a top priority in the school or in the hiring of staff. If you're really considering the school, I recommend you take the letter to the principal (or the teacher) and gently point out the errors. If they are sincerely embarrassed by the mistakes, then you might feel more comfortable sending your child there because it would indicate a concern for correct written communication. If everything else is attractive about the school, I wouldn't hesitate to send my child there.

i {heart} papers says:

Ouch. That one hurt – A LOT.