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Would you like apostrophes with that?

Andrew snapped this photo at Hot Rods Burgers in Sacramento:

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Anonymous says:

In other words, to use that restroom's thank you, you first need a receipt. "Thank you" must be some new hip way of saying toilet. Makes perfect sense.

who are we? says:

Wow, I really dont like places like these..especially when I gotta go bad. haha. fuunny shot
and also it would mean alot if u checked out our blog

фёдора says:

AHAHHAHA best ever! besides ladie's which I see alot in New Orleans.

Anonymous says:

Check out and change the world, one corrected mistake at a time!

Emily says:

A little piece of me dies each time I see these abuses of language.

Jhon Baker says:

I think there are so many things going on which are incorrect here that it is difficult to expect them to get an apostrophe correct.
Being from Chicago, we think everything is ours anyway so why not give it the ol' possessive apostrophe? besides that it's wrong I mean.

Chiara says:

Oh my. That drives me up the wall. I can't stand that error!!!!!!! Don't even get me started on "you're" and "your".

True Blue Liberal says:

A quick Google search shows a massive uncertainty about whether it's "Hot Rod's Burgers" or "Hot Rods Burgers" and if you go to , you'll see that the apostrophe does not appear in the page headline, but it does appear in the page header and on the picture of the restaurant.
Rod, I assume, was not an English major.

mecheng says:

Its funny how many people are ignorant about the proper use of apostrophe's (that one was done on purpose:) ….)

Anonymous says:

That out of place exclamation point makes me giggle, too.

Content Disha says:

awesome shot 🙂

Melissa says:

I love that the sign gets "customers" right. Very funny.