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Pizza’s, Pasta’s, & Salad’s in Melbourne

Claudia sent in this “nice collection of apostrophe’s” from Melbourne, Australia:

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Anonymous says:

This blog reassures me that this apostrophe abuse is widespread throughout the English-speaking world, and not isolated in the USA.
But somehow, that is no comfort at all, now that I think about it.

Anonymous says:

LOL why would someone even look at this site if they don't have a sense of humour.

Anonymous says:

I'm pretty sure that was a joke on the part of the submitter.

Sherri says:

Ok, if one wants to poke fun at apostrophe misuse, do not misuse the apostrophe. The "nice collection" shouldn't have an apostrophe in the plural of "apostrophes".

Whenever someone misuses an apostrophe, somewhere a proofreader cries…

Anonymous says:

maybe it's so people don't think that beer is one of their $10 meals. It sets it apart 😉

Nicole says:

Why no apostrophe for the beers?