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Authentic Apostrophe Abuse

Keir snapped this photo in Melbourne, Australia:

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adamagogobaby says:

And there wasn't even an S there to confuse the sign maker. What is the world coming to?

Anonymous says:

What if it's not a mistake? What if the restaurant is owned by someone from Indiana, but an Indianan restaurant didn't sound exotic enough, so they shortened it to India'n? Seems logical to me…

Anonymous says:

Now that's what I call apostrophe abuse. To actually split a word like that and insert a completely unnecessary apostrophe. Mind-boggling.

Anonymous says:

NO WAY! I can't believe someone who lives way closer to India than I do can screw up worse than I can.

Chiara says:

This one isn't even a plural/possessive error. I don't get how someone could make that mistake. haha.