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Hip-Hop Gear for Men’s & Ladies

Nick writes:

I spotted this sign outside a clothing store in Greenville, NC. Ignore the fact that “men” is already plural, but I found it strange that the maker didn’t use apostrophes for both genders. If you’re going to misuse apostrophes, at least misuse them consistently.

I want to go to there!

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Anonymous says:

The image you use for your email is a broken link. I want to submit a photo, but don't know who to send it to.

Kym says:

Its obvious Ladies doesn't require an apostrophe….there is an e before the s! Men's is correct because there is an s on the end of ladie's. I mean ladies'. What was the rule again?


hello! happy valentine 2010 *_*

Kathryn Magendie says:

Well, I'm's from's NC …*smiling*

Here to look around – in case you didn't see/hear – found you by the list here, through Mike's Writing WOrkshop:

Laura says:

When I read the sign I was certain it was found in some non-English-speaking country. Shocking that it is from the U.S. — Laura (at

Anonymous says:

We won't even mention that that's not an apostrophe: It's a "foot mark."