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24 Hour Location’s @ Walgreens

This one almost looks as if the “I” in “IS” slipped out of place to become an errant apostrophe:

(Thanks, dalhall!)

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Brian Minton says:

One could for instance write, "The location's been chosen" so it is okay. as for the sign, I agree that it should have just said, "location is"

Anonymous says:

I meant to say it should say 'location'…LOL.

Anonymous says:

LOL three people in a row totally wrong. There is no such thing as a 'contraction' of 'location' and 'is'. It should say locations.

Amazing that this is so complicated for people, apparently.

Nicole says:

they used it correctly- locations would have been incorrect as only one location is listed.

Emm says:

Anonymous is correct.

Anonymous says:

This sign is correct. They have one location listed, so "location's" is a contraction of "location" and "is" rather than an inappropriate possessive.

Susan says:

Heh. I love how they had to GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to add that one.