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Restroom’s what?

Jon wonders what exactly do these restrooms in the small historic town of Metamora, Indiana possess.

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Chris says:

Hi Kathryn —

Feel free to use the photo, as long as there's a link or "courtesy" statement somewhere in the presentation.


Kathryn says:

Hi, I live in Worcester, England and I am preparing to teach a lesson on the correct use of the apostrophe. I wanted to include a few images of incorrect uses in my powerpoint presentation and this one caught my eye.
Please let me know if you would allow me to copy your photograph.

Thanks very much
Kathryn Hale

Anonymous says:

"Restroom's on the right."

People talk this way informally sometimes, but it is not correct for written English.

Probably some of the source of the apparent mass confusion, I suppose.

Avraham says:

Restroom is —>

Bitter Mac says:


Vickie says:

This one could work if there's only one toilet in the restroom. Restroom's on the right. Hah.