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Order your Turkey’s and Ham’s

This picture comes from Kimberly, who

found this at my local Barbeque place…
So many mistakes in such a short sign!!!

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WTF says:

I'm with you "t". It's like when people use multiple exclamation marks because one isn't enough!!!!!!!! ;-D

Great Magnet says:

Clearly they means HAMM's…

t says:

yeah, improper apostrophe usage is bad enough, but what really gets me are the people who misuse "there", "their" and "they're." it's infuriating!!!

Anonymous says:

Complete with a bonus improper use of the word "their".

Sheri says:

Woops. This sign forgot to tell me what I need to order for my turkey and ham? Side dishes? Pumpkin pie?
Also wondering if "gone" means that my turkey and ham just dropped in for the holdiays and will be leaving soon, or the things I'm ordering for them are running out.

Serge says:

I forget sometimes that there are people who, very obviously, have never read a book.