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T-Shirt "Allow’s U-Turn’s"

Steve submitted this awesome shirt, which reads, “God is not like the Cop’s. He Allow’s U-Turn’s.”

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dtw42 says:

Good grief. Stupidity on so many levels. Or level's, perhap's. [snort]

Bitter Mac says:

Jesu's Save's

Laura says:

That is so funny. How many people do you suppose saw this saying before it was actually printed on the T-shirts? And nobody said, "Uh, excuse me, but do you really need all those apostrophe thingies?"

Then I thought about the stupidity of the saying itself. Does this mean if you're on the straight and narrow path, heading up the on-ramp to the highway to heaven, and you make a U-turn, that would be OK with God?

Mathman says:

I've seen that expression before, although without the apostrophes, and I have a problem with it. Cops allow U-turns unless otherwise posted, don't they?