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Mountain Cranberry’s

John spotted this sign on Vermont’s Mount Mansfield:

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  1. Anonymous says

    Actually, that works. They are "Mountain Cranberry" and the text goes on to talk about *their* cranberries.

  2. Anonymous says

    Awkward, but proper.

  3. Anonymous says

    This one is actually correct, it's referring to the berries of the Mountain Cranberry plant.

  4. Chris says

    I agree, actually — "…showy red berries" is a continuation of a sentence, not the start of a new one. If the S in "showy" was capitalized I'd say "Mountain Cranberry's" was incorrect.

  5. Anonymous says

    I'd say that the sign is incorrect based on the the cranberries being plural. In my opinion, it should read "Mountain Cranberries'", indicating plural possession.

  6. Anonymous says

    Nope, Cranberry shouldn't be plural. The plant is called the Mountain Cranberry.

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