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Apostrophe Neglect: Were Local

Mr. Turner saw this sign at Ohio State Route 309 and Ohio State Route 314 in Richland County:

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Anonymous says:

We speak English but we don't spell it.

Anonymous says:

They only promise that they speak English. Nobody said anything about literacy.

Mare says:

Finally, a blog devoted to one of my pet peeves. A trip through Phoenix would provide you with endless photo opps!

dtw42 says:

Hm. Since in this type of sign each character is presumably some sort of clip-on panel, it's entirely possible that they just didn't HAVE any apostrophes. Which is some justification, I suppose.

Anonymous says:

What's the big deal? They must have moved far far away.

Anonymous says:

I give them partial credit for effective use of color. Frankly, when I first saw this picture, I read it as we're, and only after thinking about it for a little while did I see werelocal as did shiva.

i {heart} papers says:

Maybe they were local but aren't now. 🙂

shiva says:

He turns into a local on the night of a full moon?

Sheri says:

They have moved out of town. I guess you have to call them to find out where.