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Abusing the child labor laws?

The owners of the Rive Riva Cafe apparently have a child who will prepare a meal for you:

Richard suggests that perhaps the kid has recently graduated from this studio.

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Anonymous says:

I don't think this is strictly incorrect use of apostrophe – the meals are prepared for kids, implying ownership. 'Meals for kid's' would be wrong. 'Kid's meals' however, is not.

Grandma Grams says:

Rive cafe or Riva?

For a site that makes fun of people who make typos, you should really be more careful yourself.

Serge says:

braincrisp: What if I don't like what your kid is having?

That's why they're only asking that you try it.

braincrisp says:

What if I don't like what your kid is having?

Anonymous says:

Guess the kid was Really naught.
No supper, breakfast, lunch, snacks for you!

Serge says:

Maybe the meals were prepared for their kid, but the owners would prefer that somebody else ate them.