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Quesadilla’s at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

…and hand-written WRAP’s.

(Thanks, Kate!)

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  1. ladystrathconn says

    I have a picture of a similar sign from the Capital District (NY) Scottish games. It is a different quesadilla sign, but the funny thing is it has the same lemonade and fried dough signs with it.

  2. i {heart} papers says

    Wow! That's what I call fast service. I emailed this from my phone and I get home and there it is!

  3. Adnoxious says

    And whats up with the BBQ-Chicken? Is this some kind of terrifying new half poultry half grill hybrid animal?
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  4. Christina says

    Um, and CEASAR salad? Yikes.

  5. me says

    if this was in napoleon dynamite it would be, "kay-suh-dill-uh's"

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