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Quesadilla’s at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

…and hand-written WRAP’s.

(Thanks, Kate!)

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me says:

if this was in napoleon dynamite it would be, "kay-suh-dill-uh's"

Christina says:

Um, and CEASAR salad? Yikes.

Adnoxious says:

And whats up with the BBQ-Chicken? Is this some kind of terrifying new half poultry half grill hybrid animal?
Taking aim at lousy advertising

i {heart} papers says:

Wow! That's what I call fast service. I emailed this from my phone and I get home and there it is!

ladystrathconn says:

I have a picture of a similar sign from the Capital District (NY) Scottish games. It is a different quesadilla sign, but the funny thing is it has the same lemonade and fried dough signs with it.