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Nothing Get’s By Greta

Geoffrey and Jim both sent in this banner ad as seen on The Drudge Report:

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Viviane Ricard says:

Yup. A lotta apostrophe abuse out there… and much of it goes unreported. Some were – thankfully – brought to light here, but God knows how many others will forever live in darkness.

Viviane a/k/a Nellie Wilson

Bitter Mac says:

Anonymous said…
"Unless this is just an add"

Mathman said…
"Nothing gets by Gretta"

Oh boy.

Serge says:

Michel S.: I recall reading somewhere that Fox might be intentionally getting these wrong

It's all part of their campaign against imaginary Nazis, grammar or otherwise.

Anonymous says:

Lots of things get by Greta.. namely the fact that she's part of a cult. XD

theraabereview says:


Mathman says:

Nothing gets by Gretta, except for an errant apostrophe.

The Hoskins says:

Apparently a lot gets by the editors.

Michel S. says:

I recall reading somewhere that Fox might be intentionally getting these wrong — it's a semiotic signal aimed at telling people — hey, those of you who cannot stand grammar snobs, we're the news channel for you!

Similar to how Bush downplayed his Yale education, saying he did not learn anything at all while there. In the words of his priceless commencement address, "and the C students out there, you too can be president!".

Calvin's Nuggets of Wisdom says:

That Greta. She get's it, she sure does!

ebryant says:

It's her new book!

"Nothing Get"
by Greta

Anonymous says:

The Toyota one is confusing.

The last chance sale event does belong to Toyota, so why is this one wrong? It seems the possessive is perfectly fine here.

Unless this is just an add, and then nevermind.