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Kids’s Love’em

J O photographed the menu of a local hot dog walk-up restaurant:

Kids’s love the darnedest things…

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  1. ebryant says

    Lol wouldn't the correct incorrect way be "kids' love'em"? Or maybe since it is a double incorrect it cancels itself out and becomes correct.

  2. Anonymous says

    Obviously, the 'em is a contraction for them.
    More acceptable would have been "Kids love 'em" as opposed to "Kids love'em". I say this is forgivable.

  3. Chasing Satan Away & says

    Apostrophe Clusterf*ck!

  4. Anonymous says

    This one made me wonder how exactly do you spell the sound "ewah"? So phonetically it would go kidz-ez? This one makes my head hurt.

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