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Stove’s… Mower’s… Bed’s…Bike;s… put me on ya fridge!

(Thanks, sinsi!)

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Sophie says:

I wonder why he got "air cons" right?!

sinsi says:

It was delivered as a leaflet to our letterbox. It looks like he printed 4 to a sheet, and there are 2 pictures in blue, so he used a colour printer – what a waste of ink!

Melissa says:

I wonder if this was a pay by the character ad. He could have saved a lot of money on that add by leaving out all the unnecessary characters.

TexBex says:

Ugh! Some people are so stupid, it's ridiculous.

ColemanMerlin says:

Yeah, but at least the sign got Adelaide's right!

Randy (no blog) says:

Well, he should get one point credit for consistency.