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Do Not Put Ketchup’s Here

Casey writes about this sign, which was

…posted in the restaurant in which I work. Servers had gotten lazy and started putting ketchups where they didn’t belong, and a manager got fed up with this. So, he posted this sign. It’s a really good thing our managers aren’t English majors or rocket scientists. We’d all be screwed.

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CaseyJones87 says:

Darla- We put a note next to it, and both got ripped down so fast I couldn't get a pic of them, that said "Ketchup's what?" 🙂

dtw says:

What Mathman said! Mind you, I used to work with engineers who kept writing about ‘equipments’, so maybe the language is going that way. The apostrophe still sucks though.

Darla says:

I would have put a note next to the apostrophe that says "Do Not Put An Apostrophe Here".

Mathman says:

Can ketchup even be made into a plural? Isn't it a mass noun. You can have more than one ketchup bottle or ketchup packet, but can you have more than one ketchup?