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Birthday Party’s & Stage Rental’s

Alyssa writes:

My theater company is doing a show at this particular theater in Marietta, GA as a favor to the owner. We were waiting outside one day for the owner to let us in, when we noticed these signs in the window of the extra theater space that he rents out. My copy editor soul made a little horcrux at the sight.

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Ethen says:

One idea would be to create and send out a birthday wish list. This will help the people coming to the party find and choose what gift to bring, as well as allow your children to get the things they want, that they might not otherwise get any time soon. Tent Rental San Diego

Great Magnet says:

I really don't understand why you people have to make fun of this poor person just because his parents decided to name him Birthday Party.

The Zoink says:

2 points for a creative way to get around that nasty rule about Y becomes IE when pluralized at the end of a — oh, why bother.

At least they realized that "partys" just looks stupid.