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Ocean Front Villa’s

Jeanette writes:

I am visiting the tiny island of Barbuda (part of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean) and found this lovely bit of abuse. I really want to know what the villa owns! There is also a place called “Extra Mans Bar” but I haven’t gotten a picture of that one just yet.

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Barbuda Cottages says:

I forgot to mention that I didn't have the heart to tell my uncle that the apostrophe did not belong there, after all the hard work he put into the sign.

Barbuda Cottages says:

The Ocean front Villa's sign on the cottage was a project that my 86 year old uncle did for his own little project. The cottage was started last January 2009 and is going to finished next month ( November 2009 ). If you would like to see more pictures go to .
This is the first which is a 3 bedroom, then we will be building several 1 bedroom units.

Jeanette says:

Yes! My life is now complete! I finally got something posted online!

On second look, Extra Man did have an apostrophe, but it was very tiny so I didn't notice it at first.