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Mens @ TJ Maxx

Julie spotted this sign at TJ Maxx in Peoria, AZ.

She writes:

I laugh when I think of a sentence such as,”How many mens are coming to the party?” or perhaps the movie “No Country For Old Mens.”

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  1. walsontiffany says

    There is a sign at a nail salon in my town: "Gentleman Welcome!" – so much comedy, so little time

  2. Robert M says

    "Mens" is short for "menswear". "Menswear" is the attributive form of "man".
    If you are going to complain that it is missing a punctuation mark, complain that it is missing a period at the end.
    Not everything is owned by the people it exists for. A mens room in a building is possessed by the owner of the building. Not the men that use it. It exists for their use, hence the attributive form.

  3. Uhhmm.. says

    I see nothing wrong with this sign. It means "Mens Department". Not that the department belongs to men, but that that is where men can find their manly things.

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