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Famous for it’s errant apostrophe

Earthling writes:

Apparently Oxford, England doesn’t have sufficient scholars for its oldest pub to warrant a signage correction.

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mas says:

it has, even.

Fringe says:

It's always been that way. (Note correct usage of apostrophe in the contraction of IT IS.)

Mottel says:

When did not using the apostrophe for its become standard? It could be that this sign (or the one it's based on) predate it . . .

Andy says:

Behold, the Oxford Apostrophe!

Anonymous says:

I think the blog is talking about the apostrophe in "it's".

Despite tha fact that some people write that way, it is actually an incorrect usage.

See Wikipedia:

No apostrophe is used in the following possessive pronouns and adjectives: yours, his, hers, ours, its, theirs, and whose. (Many people wrongly use it's for the possessive of it, but authorities are unanimous that it's can only be a contraction of it is or it has.) All other possessive pronouns ending in s do take an apostrophe: one's; everyone's; somebody's, nobody else's, etc. With plural forms, the apostrophe follows the s, as with nouns: the others' husbands (but compare They all looked at each other's husbands, in which both each and other are singular).

Anonymous says:

This apostrophe is fine. It simply shows posession.i.e this is the oldest pub that belongs to Oxford. check out; under the Possessive apostrophe section.