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Eric wonders,

Jail their what?

I wonder what’s with the lowercase “i”.

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John L. Fritz' says:

Think of it this way: absent the apostrophe, the final word would read "CEOS." I agree a better solution would be a punctuated abbreviation, or even just a lower case "s," but I think this area of usage allows (or should allow) some flexibility in the interest of intelligibilty. (I am now praying that my comment does not contain more grammar/punctuation/syntax/spelling errors than the original post.)

The Monster says:

Fran, most references I've seen call for the apostrophe in forming the plural of a single letter used as a word (Mind your p's and q's, and you may get straight A's!), of an abbreviation that includes periods (Jail greedy C.E.O.'s!) or if the singular form of the abbreviation ends in an s, making the plural ambiguous. Even in the latter case, I think "GPSes" makes more sense than "GPS's".

Fran says:

The NY Times Manual of Style and Usage (and numerous other sources) prefers this use of the apostrophe in the plural.

Melissa Yeuxdoux says:

Maybe the writer is a native speaker of Turkish, where they have versions of "I" with and without a dot?