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Egg’s, Biscuit’s, Soup’s, and more…

Matt writes:

These are from Marcon (Columbus, OH) weekend, at the food court in the convention center between a couple of hotels. I imagine the signs are there year-round. Each sign is from one of apparently two food establishments, one for breakfast items and one for hamburgers and the like, with separate counters and menus, but it’s really one connected place with equipment and employees in common.

There are standard apostrophe and general problems all over, but my favorite parts are the weird font size changes, intercaps on “PanCake”, random quotation marks, and spellings like “sause” and “provolon” (a subatomic cheese particle?).

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eeyore19 says:

Wow. My favorite parts were the "biscuit'S" and "fame's" (when I assume they were trying to say "famous").