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Chevy’s for less: 2008 Malibu’s

Bam spotted this billboard in Tullahoma, TN:

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Bitter Mac says:

Chevy is a formal noun, but it's also a nickname for Chevrolet. So really Chevys or Chevies could work.

JackBenjamin says:

Shouldn't it be "Chevies"?

Anonymous says:

To Mathman, it would have to be "Chevy's Malibu's".

Anonymous says:

Or "Chevy's (their brand's items)", but the second cannot be argued.

Neo says:

what if I want 2 doors?

Mathman says:

This could be correct if they have just one Chevy and just one Malibu:

"Chevy is for less… 2008 Malibu is starting at…"

However I doubt that is what they were going for.