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Where Your Money Buy’s More!

Pablo writes:

I own a sign business, and had designed the signage for this store. They took my design proof to another sign company, where, it turned out, their money actually bought them LESS.

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Canaduck says:

I guess it has to make Pablo feel better about their rejecting his business…

Anonymous says:

I believe this is a play on words, and therefore, correct.

Kevin says:

Just discovered your blog. I'm glad someone's complaining. This one takes the cake. [Should I say, "take's the cake"?] Who the X*&% would even THINK of putting an apostrophe there? Does someone think it's a rule of grammar that no final "s" be left unapostrophised?

Dude says:

Dude, that’s Sweet!

Anonymous says:

And some unnecessary quotation marks to top it off.

Mathman says:

Or does the market belong to someone names Buyer?

Bleach Manga 357 says:

how ironic….

Moira says:

And a market for only a single buyer, at that.