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Corrective Canadians: Large Feild Tomato’s

Lauren writes:

This orthographic disgrace happened in the fall in Winnipeg, Canada. After talking with employees at this Italian food mart who assured me the sign would get changed since “feild tomato’s” don’t exist, I was reassured. Days later, the sign still stood. Some friends decided to don the masks of “grammar police” and fix these terrible mistakes. Look closely – our new letters are made from a cereal box.

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KC says:

I am, right now, going to put a bandana in my purse and carry it everywhere so I can be just like these guys (who totally ROCK!!).

Lauren says:

The worst part was that the sign got replaced by a lovely advertisement for “goat cheese’s”. Honestly. How many apostrophes do we need to steal before they get it right?

wolfie.sarah says:

Cant wait till we strike again

Chelsea Rae says:

This could possibly be the proudest moment of my life….
I’m glad there are others that approve of our viligante corrective grammar.
Love it.

Lindsay says:

Lauren you’re famous!

Dana says:

Hehe! You guys are awesome!

Sarah says:

That’s awesome. These guys are my heroes.