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A is for Apostrophe

Aaron sent in this scan

…from the book Little Einsteins Animal Alphabet that my daughter got for her birthday. This part of the book has not just one, but two apostrophe mistakes!

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Mark Godfrey says:

It's sad to see mistakes in children's books.

Anonymous says:

Its not smart to shake maraca’s when a rattlesnakes trying to stay a’sleep.

Anonymous says:

The first its is correct. The two mistakes are the second its and the apostrophe in rattlesnakes.

Tom says:

And surely a rattlesnake’s bite is venomous rather than poisonous?

Rhonda says:

Einstein? Well, I guess he always said that he didn’t keep information in his brain that he could research. How sad that this is an “educational” piece.

Anonymous says:

Rebecca — the 1st “its” is correct.

Rebecca Pettigrew says:

it has three apostrophe mistakes. Both its should be it’s. And… Rattlesnakes’ should be rattlesnake’s (the “a” before denotes a singular, not plural) and that’s an educational book… awesome

a frog named purl says:

there are s’o many things’ wrong with thi’s picture.

Jered says:

Never mind. The two its were close enough together that I read it too quickly. I see the 2nd its now.

Jered says:

I see one mistake (rattlesnakes’), but what’s the 2nd one?