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Barry Bagel’s

Jacob sent in this picture of a Barry Bagels sign:

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Anonymous says:

It's good to know that the owners/employees of Barry Bagels at least know how to spell their name.

Though, is a little dab of red paint too expensive?

Mark@barrys says:

It is not correct, There was not supposed to be an apostrophe. We have "helpful" sign makers who try to correct our company name, even though we make it clear that there is not to be an apostrophe. I believe that sign was provided by the company that owns the center.

To be fair, there are quite a few merchants who need helpful sign makers to correct their copy.

FlagFreak says:

Mr. Bagel, I’d like to teach you a bit about capitalization.

Anonymous says:

Oh wow, Ann Arbor represent! I always called it “Barry’s Bagels” until I took a closer look. Maybe Barry Bagel is, like, a mascot or something.

In any case, they make a pretty good bagel sandwich.

Anonymous says:

Oh my! This is a mile away from my house, and includes my pet peeve, which always happens there: people parking in the fire lane!

Anonymous says:

ooohhhhh so close..yet so far.

Anonymous says:

But alas, it is not. The menu and marketing materials all say Barry Bagels…

Esme says:

Theoretically, that could be correct, if the name of the establishment is for someone named Barry Bagel.