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Oh, the irony!

Kevin describes his amazing find:

Found this at a Goodwill store in South Miami. The irony seems too good to be true. Serena is giving Michael a copy of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style for “literary wisdom.” But she has failed in her own proper usage of “your” and “youre.” And even more, while using the contraction form of “you are,” she’s left out the apostrophe. Academic success indeed.

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Aaroncuda says:

WOW. Seems she obviously re-gifted the book without even reading it first!

liberty says:

or maybe she just forgot an “a” in the sentence. says:

Maybe the person who gave the book should be enrolling in school. Pre-school, that is.

Ryan (LWM) says:

Thank you for doing the work of the people. The misuse of the apostrophe is the beginning of the end…I’ve basically banned everyone from using it.