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Nachos… Nacho’s?

Christine writes:

I found this lovely menu at a restaurant in the Denver airport while delayed for 4 hours on my way to Las Vegas. While laughing at the management’s inability to use an apostrophe correctly, my friend and I ran up a $115 bar tab and the server cut us off after 4 rounds of drinks. Maybe if we had some more chicken nacho’s they would have kept serving us.

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Culture fiend says:

So, let’s just clarify people: if it’s red chili, there’s an apostrophe, but NOT if it’s GREEN chili

Scratchfoot says:

I wonder why the signwriter was so inconsistent in his allocation of apostrophes. Or was he only allocated a certain number?

FUBAR says:

In some airports, a $115 bar tab might only reflect one drink.

Mean Rachel says:

Christine and I were officially drunk and as I recall considering asking for Nacho’s special.

Christine’s Friend

Anonymous says:

LOL! Wow, chicken nachos sound awesome right now!