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Abuse at Michigan State

Ainsley writes:

I came across this sad attempt at a bulletin board in my dorm bathroom earlier this week, supposedly aiming to educate us about fun locations to visit around campus (note the map and poorly-drawn arrows.) The girls in my hall have been secretly complaining about this for days. This is just so wrong. I’m just glad she didn’t continue and violate “artists,” “dates,” and “times.”

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Ainsley says:

Ahhhhh, it burns…

In Our Write Minds says:

You seemed so disappointed! So for date’s and time’s, I came across this for you:

Feel better?


stephanie says:

Looks like that map needs one more arrow–pointing to the Bessey Hall Writing Center. 🙂

jcb9 says:

Ampersand abuse, too. The 3 with the line through it should be backwards.