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Neglect on a shirt

Celeste writes:

I saw this t-shirt in the Shakespearean Gift Shop at Southern Utah University. The would have correct grammar usage except they completely left out the necessary apostrophe.

Maybe it’s printed in white ink. ;) The lettering certainly seems to be spaced to receive that apostrophe!

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  1. Lawrence says

    The funny thing is that it looks like they left a space for the apostrophe, then forgot to put it in.

  2. Hall Monitor says

    …And men get annoyed at any women who think they are princesses.

  3. Anonymous says

    YOu do not use an apostrophe with princesses – the ‘e’ replaces the apostrophe. Princess = Princesses

  4. Anonymous says

    Um, anonymous… the apostrophe is missing in “they’re”.

  5. The Pong Wiz says

    the worst thing about this shirt is that it is in Papyrus. gag.

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