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Neglect on a shirt

Celeste writes:

I saw this t-shirt in the Shakespearean Gift Shop at Southern Utah University. The would have correct grammar usage except they completely left out the necessary apostrophe.

Maybe it’s printed in white ink. 😉 The lettering certainly seems to be spaced to receive that apostrophe!

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The Pong Wiz says:

the worst thing about this shirt is that it is in Papyrus. gag.

Anonymous says:

Um, anonymous… the apostrophe is missing in “they’re”.

Anonymous says:

YOu do not use an apostrophe with princesses – the ‘e’ replaces the apostrophe. Princess = Princesses

Hall Monitor says:

…And men get annoyed at any women who think they are princesses.

Lawrence says:

The funny thing is that it looks like they left a space for the apostrophe, then forgot to put it in.