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Debit Card’s at Taco Time

Jim writes:

Saw this gem at the Taco Time in Yakima, WA… right across the street from the community college. Ouch!

Bonus points for horrid font use. The tacos at least were good.

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Bill Stanley says:

That font Boggles my mind!

beansy says:

Comma, Period, and Apostrophe abuse on this one

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food says:

Hey! Love this blog. I clicked over from WashWords’s blogroll. I’m a freak about misused apostrophes. Next time I see one I’m sending it your way! (You’re? You’r??? hee hee)

Sarah says:

Ouch, yeah. The font makes it so much worse.

rpophessagr says:

Comma abuse too?